Decorated in a Renaissance design, the Lyric Theatre is the oldest surviving theatre on Shaftesbury Avenue, after first opening in 1888. Split across four levels, the theatre has a capacity of 967, with seats in the Stalls, Dress Circle, Upper Circle and Balcony.

There is street level access to the Dress Circle, where 3 wheelchair spaces are available.


Due to the age of the theatre, the Stalls are an intimate section with support pillars dotted throughout the auditorium. Seats range from Row AA to Row R, with the overhang of the Dress Circle beginning to affect the views from Row N and back. Support pillars in Row N and Row Q may obstruct the views in surrounding seats, and seats towards the ends of the rows in the Stalls often have varying levels of restricted view. Seats in the middles of Row A-L have the best views and also the best legroom.

Dress Circle

The Dress Circle spans from Row A-H, with Boxes B-L also available on this level. Accessed from street level, the Boxes can hold up to 3 wheelchairs per performance. This section has no centre aisle and legroom can seem restricted at times. Views are generally good, although it may be worth purchasing equal-price tickets in the Stalls. Even when seated in the back row of the Dress Circle, you are still able to see the whole stage without restrictions. Seats towards the very ends of the row can be slightly more limited in view.

Upper Circle

The Upper Circle is in a semi-circular shape that curves around the stage. Divided into three sections by two aisles, there are a variety of views from the Upper Circle. Two support pillars in Row D directly affect seats in Rows E-G, whilst safety bars may also have an effect for seats towards the ends of rows. Seats in the side sections have good legroom, whilst Row A probably offers the best views.


A steep rake in the Balcony ensures that there are still good views for those looking to see shows on a budget. Split into three sections by two aisles, the centre section is the largest, offering a wide variety of views. Seats in Row A and B are partially restricted due to the safety bar in front of the circle. Seats in the side sections are best avoided due to severe side-angled views and limited legroom. It is best to sit towards the back of the Upper Circle for a similar price.

Lyric Theatre London seating plan

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